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  • Plan your factory of the future with the factory simulation software by Visual Components

    • Simple, virtual and efficient
    • Better planning security and more efficient production
    • Excellent services and individual project development

    Benefit from our expertise as a reseller from the very start – more than 100 successfully realized projects over the last 10 years

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Your benefits from 3D-simulation with Visual Components

  • Accelerate your sales

    Accelerate your sales

    With simple plug & play libraries you are able to create 3D-simulations within a short time. The realistic visualizations help you present complex processes in an understandable way, present your concepts clearly and convince your customers of actual performance capabilities.

  • Planning the factory of the future

    Planning the factory of the future

    Having material flow and robot simulation combined on one platform, lets you examine the full plant operations, both at the workcell and material flow levels, virtually at the development stage, and catch errors in time. Plan your future assembly lines simply, visually and effectively with the 3D-simulation software by Visual Components.

  • Efficient robot cell planning

    Efficient robot cell planning

    The comprehensive robot model library has more than 1200 robot models to choose from, including tools, positioners and devices, so that your robot cells can be designed quickly and easily. With the help of several post-processors, your simulated robot programs can be deployed for use with the real robot.

  • Virtual Commissioning of production

    Virtual Commissioning of production

    Using a digital duplicate of the production system and a PLC connection, you are able to model safely at signal level and can validate your control logic. This leads to shorter development and commissioning times and a higher efficiency in production.

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3D-simulation made easy

The simulation platform by Visual Components with its various features enables an efficient entry into 3D factory simulation and optimization.

Quick layouting with plug & play components Comprehensive robot functionality Extensive CAD import support Modeling of own components Sector-neutral component library (2000+ components) Export of high-resolution images, videos and animations Statistics and evaluation tools 2D-drawing Export Connectivity add-on Viewer: Visual Components experience Open platform (API) Physik-Simulation Screenshot Leitstand
  • Quick layouting with plug & play components
    Quick layouting with plug & play components

    Quick layouting with plug & play components
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Predefined interfaces enable a quick plug & play connection
    • Fast configuration through a table of parameters
    • Positioning by means of integrated snap filters
    • Organized libraries based on categories and groups
  • Comprehensive robot functionality
    Comprehensive robot functionality

    Comprehensive robot functionality
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • More than 1200 predefined robot models
    • Interactive moving within the robot work-space
    • Creation of robot positions and sequence logic with a generic program editor
    • Reachability analysis
    • Collision testing
    • Trajectory generation
    • Export of the robot sequences to the robot controller
  • Extensive CAD import support
    Extensive CAD import support

    Extensive CAD import support
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Direct import of common CAD-formats (e.g. STEP, CATIA, Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, NX, JT, ...)
    • Support of point clouds
    • Model adjustment and simplification
    • Materials and texturization
    • Tessellated models including the mathematical NURB description
    • Adoption of the CAD feature structure
    • Filter option
    • Native CAD import formats
  • Modeling of own components
    Modeling of own components

    Modeling of own components
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Creation of own components based on CAD data or integrated geometrical components
    • Building of the component structure and kinematics
    • Integration of predefined behaviour and desired characteristics
    • Interface definition for plug & play compatibility
    • Customized logics using the Python programming language
    • Fast modeling with modelling assistants
  • Sector-neutral component library (2000+ components)
    Sector-neutral component library (2000+ components)

    Sector-neutral component library (2000+ components)
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • 2000+ components (unique robotic devices, conveyor technology, processing machines)
    • Continuous addition of new library components
    • Easy sorting and categorization via collections
  • Export of high-resolution images, videos and animations
    Export of high-resolution images, videos and animations

    Export of high-resolution images, videos and animations
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Direct export of 3D-scenes as a high-resolution image
    • Direct export of 3D-simulations as video or animation
    • Configurable resolution, quality and file formats
    • Simple definition of camera tracking
    • PDF with 3D-animation playable in AdobeReader
    • Free of charge Visual Components Experience viewer
  • Statistics and evaluation tools
    Statistics and evaluation tools

    Statistics and evaluation tools
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Configurable statistics dashboard
    • Set of statistics charts in line, bar, pie chart, or tabular format
    • Templates for custom diagrams
    • MS Excel and CSV export
  • 2D-drawing Export
    2D-drawing Export

    2D-drawing Export
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Simple creation of 2D-construction drawings based on a 3D-layout
    • Predefined views
    • Drawing frame templates
    • Dimensioning and labelling
    • Simple creation of bills of material
    • Export as DWG, DXF and PDF
  • Connectivity add-on
    Connectivity add-on

    Connectivity add-on
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Enables tvirtual commissioning
    • Integration of controls (Siemens, Beckhoff, ...) by means of OPC UA and TwinCAT ADS
    • Intelligent signal assignment
    • Monitoring and manipulation of the signal states during the simulation
  • Viewer: Visual Components experience
    Viewer: Visual Components experience

    Viewer: Visual Components experience
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Virtual Reality viewer
    • Cross-platform 3D-viewer for mobile devices (Android, IOS) and desktop (Windows)
  • Open platform (API)
    Open platform (API)

    Open platform (API)
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Software extension and coupling by means of .NET API
    • Integration of own graphical user interfaces
    • Configuration of the existing user interface
    • OEM application development
  • Physics simulation
    Physics simulation

    Physics simulation
    Screenshot Leitstand
    • Approximated rigid body simulation based on Nvidia PhysX
    • Collider definition
    • Physics cables and physical joints
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A picture is worth a thousand words: plan, construct and examine your drafts and solutions for production plants.

Visual Components product family

  • The 3D-simulation platform by Visual Components is used for material flow simulation, visualization and emulation. Our product family offers the best customised solution for the strategic planning or the virtual commissioning of a plant according to your special needs.
  • Essentials

    • Layout configuration
    • CAD compatibility
    • Professional planning documents
    • Simple robot programming

    It forms the basic platform of the Visual Components product family for the planning and simulation based on a library of configurable components.

    Typical field of application: sales, planning, project planning

  • Professional

    All features from Essentials
    + modelling of factory components

    Enables the creation of individual simulation components and the extension of existing components.

    Typical field of application: engineering, development, planning

  • Premium

    All features of Professional
    + extended robot programming

    Contains additional features for extended robot programming and painting simulation.

    Typical field of application: robot programming, OEM, OLP

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DUALIS is more than a distributor – benefit from our exclusive additional services and our immense experience resulting from many successful projects

Good reasons to choose DUALIS

  • More than 10 years of experience with Visual Components simulation

    As one of the first providers and after many years of collaboration with the manufacturer we have a unique development- and integration competence for Visual Components 3D simulation software.

  • Qualified support by our experienced and specialized staff members

    The experienced application engineers from DUALIS provide first-level-support with short reaction times based on their qualified skill-sets.

  • Cost-free additional library for DUALIS – customers

    In addition to the general library supplied by Visual Components , DUALIS customers get access to the Dualis eCatalog that includes many more components and library extensions to help with planning activities.

  • Expansion of functions exclusively for our DUALIS – customers

    Our DUALIS add-on package for Visual Components includes a collection of Python add-ons, that expands the Visual Component platform with additional helper functions for component and layout modeling. You can use those add-ons over via commands in the GUI Ribbon bar and the context menu. Additionally, the package offers a helpful Python- module for MS Excel integration.

  • Qualified training through our experienced project managers

    In addition to the basic and extended on-site software training courses, we also provide individual customized training to meet your specific needs.

  • Individual software integration solutions

    For either a function extension or integration to existing software architectures, we develop customized applications using the open Python and .NET API. Get to know our indiviDUALIS – solutions!

  • Conception and modeling of individual component libraries

    Together, let us develop a customized simulation library to match your equipment and processes. In most customer projects, we develop and deploy customized and targeted libraries to help you design and optimize your production situation as effectively as possible. Benefit from our years of experience!

  • Frequent product information and updates in German

    As the main Visual Components distributor in the German- speaking area, we offer full German language support for all new and significant product information updates.

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IndiviDUALIS – solutions

  • Efficient use of limited floor space

    Efficient use of limited floor space

    Increase production productivity with the help of our proprietary AREAPLAN solution, that helps you to best exploit the available space in your plant. Using the dynamic factory layout tool, you can comfortably plan the spatial requirements for your production as optimally as possible.

  • Efficient robot programming

    Efficient robot programming

    Reduce the commissioning time of your robot cells and use the DUALIS post processor add-on to convert the simulated robot sequences into your specific robot controller language.

  • Photorealistic pictures in presentation quality

    Photorealistic pictures in presentation quality

    DUALIS customers can use our cost-free YafaRay add-on to export photorealistic pictures and use these for compelling presentations to customers and management.

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Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Next to software for 3D-factory simulation, we offer you excellent services and individual development for a smarter factory of the future.

This is what our customers say

  • Paul Friedel Material flow simulation
    EMAG GmbH & Co. KG

    „A rough sequence is not our main requirement. We need a realistic replication of the overall concept by using our own simplified construction models that include the specific kinematics and control logics of our systems. The 3D-visualization helps us to generate and evaluate a detailed representation of the sequences in our production systems.“
  • Hartmut Beisner Manufacturing support
    Faurecia Autositze GmbH

    „With continual shortening of product cycles and customized requirements, it is essential for a company like us to have a flexible production system. Often equipment is modified, removed, or redeployed for other projects, and for this we need flexibility to be top priority. To achieve this, process validation by means of simulation is an important factor.“
  • Alois Wiesinger Product developer
    Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.

    „The first impression from our customers was entirely positive. Simulation gives us the possibility to present plants and processes in a way that everybody understands, and this forms a common basis for conversation.“
  • Ewin Maushammer - Referenzkunde für Visual Components

    Erwin Maushammer Robot simulation
    KraussMaffei Automation GmbH

    „We need an open platform which provides us with a large amount of industrial robots and at the same time allows us to develop and parameterize our own linear robots for simulation applications. With Visual Components DUALIS offers a platform which is open and versatile.“
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